Course Records

The tables below show you the names of the skiers who hold the course records for each race, and their times. Records are shown for both the "Legacy" Courses and the "Upper" Courses. Each year, we hope for a field of competitors who will challenge and, perhaps even best, the recordholders! But for now, these exceptional athletes hold the title of "best of the best" in America's Toughest Ski Race.

"Legacy" Courses

Race Style Gender Name From Time Year
90K Skate Men Rune Oedegaard Boulder, CO 4:08:46 2012
Women Tammy Jacques Steamboat Springs, CO 4:47:09 2012
Classic Men Nick Maki Granby, CO 6:32:59 2012
Women Nikki Kimble Bozeman, MT 7:06:15 2009
45K Skate Men Michael Brothers Monument, CO 2:05:11 2007
Women Lenka Palanova Boulder, CO 2:23:31 2012
Classic Men Ocariz Santiago Hayward, WI 2:34:50 2011
Women Sarah Konrad Laramie, WY 3:03:51 2012
15K N/A Men Ryan Ahern Edgewater, CO 0:46:12.00 2012
Women Kelly Ahern Breckenridge, CO 0:47:23.64 2012

"Upper" Courses

Race Style Gender Name From Time Year
100K Skate Men Adam Swank Duluth, MN 4:56:16.4 2013
Women Tammy Jacques Steamboat Springs, CO 5:34:17.0 2013
Classic Men John Pougiales Steamboat Springs, CO 8:37:37.0 2013
55K Skate Men Benjamin Barbier Steamboat Springs, CO 2:40:56.8 2013
Women Amy Caldwell Putney, VT 3:09:15.7 2013
Classic Men JP Lande Black Hawk, CO 5:01:43.0 2013
Women Sierra Jech Laramie, WY 4:01:55.0 2013
15K Skate Men Tyler Terranova Steamboat Springs, CO 0:37:49.5 2013
Women Trish McCarthy Boulder, CO 0:43:58.1 2013
Classic Men Eric Supancic Colorado Springs, CO 0:54:41.6 2013
Women Jayme Weynand Steamboat Springs, CO 1:11:03.4 2013